10 Best Anecdotes About LeBron James

Regarded as one of the greatest all-around players of all time, LeBron James also makes his personal life intriguing to supporters. In this article, we will reveal the top ten anecdotes about this American legend. Let’s go!

  1. The first signs of predestination

The scary athleticism and otherworldly physicality that LeBron possesses was discovered by some teachers at the middle school where he attended in his hometown of Akron (Ohio).

In fact, during an exhibition game between students and teachers, LeBron at the age of 13 received the ball on the break and went to dunk with both hands in the opponent's basket.

Photo: Young LeBron  (Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY)

  1. Predestination manifests itself in yet another way

When you consider LBJ's plays, his ability to finish with extreme ease on the iron (with both hands) and his ability to slice any defense into slices with his Caravaggio pases are unmistakable.s

These qualities are undoubtedly the result of countless hours spent in the gym honing ball handling skills, but they are also the result of other factors. Mother Nature, in fact, aided him not only by making him ambidextrous, but also by teaching him to write and eat with his left hand; on the other hand, everyone knows that LeBron's favorite hand in basketball is his right hand.

  1. A throne that he and MJ share

Many factors bind the two together. The noblest of these is a difficult-to-find record.

Michael Jordan won the Regular Season MVP award, the Finals MVP award, and an Olympic gold medal in 1992; LeBron did the same in 2012.

  1. Relationship with Michael Jordan

Few are aware that LeBron's and Michael Jordan's friendship dates back to their high school days and is not solely formal or media-driven.

Michael Jordan was so overwhelmed by the rumors about Akron's baby prodigy that he decided to approach him personally in order to help him polish his still raw talent. The young LBJ's life was turned upside down in one amen. He was invited to play private friendlies in Chicago and train at Jordan's home gym by his idol himself; in order to maintain strong relationships even at a distance, "His Airness" even left him his phone number. 

In fact, LeBron made the mistake of having the valuable number "stolen" by some of his friends and teammates, who then abused it. Obviously, it did not sit well with MJ.

What's the end result? Change of phone number immediately and cooling of relations with LeBron.

It's not a good idea to mess with a Chicago legend. Especially if you have unrestricted access to his personal life.

  1. Save Private Damon!

One of the most beautiful posters hanging in LeBron's room is unquestionably the one featuring the unfortunate Damon Jones. Here's the masterpiece in question, in case you missed it:

Jones allegedly received 65 calls on his private number the day after the "Boeing of Akron" bombing landed on his head. NBA players made up 35 of the 65 phone calls, all of which was to make fun of the unfortunate colleague.

Damon Jones decided to join LeBron James the following year as a result of the trauma. Not just to cling to his leadership and work together to win something.

  1. Mama Gloria

Photo: Getty

Mrs. Gloria has always played a pivotal role in her son LeBron Raymone's life: sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. It couldn't have been easy to raise a child single-handed  in the Akron suburbs. LeBron once said that she gave him strength.

  1. Want to be called "Basketball Man"

 LeBron's strange incident occurred near the end of his freshman year of high school. During that summer, he experienced a sudden growth spurt, gaining 15 centimeters in height.

In this way, he surpassed by a few centimeters (he came to measure 2.03 cm) the height of his idol MJ, who stood 1.98 cm tall and weighed 98 kg. He was upset because his reverence for the Legend of the Bulls drove him to total emulation, even in the tiniest details. When LeBron arrived at the summer camp, he flatly refused to be measured, citing strange reasons, and stated: “I don't want anybody to know my identity, I'm like a superhero: call me “Basketball Man”.

  1. Mentality

In a 2015 interview with the "Huffington Post," St. Vincent-St. Mary High School coach Dru Joyce II shared some new anecdotes about one of her best students, LeBron Raymone James. The most intriguing of these best describes the Akron phenomenon's mental toughness and stubbornness.

According to coach Joyce, LBJ never missed a workout from the age of ten until his senior year of high school (17), working harder than any of his peers. The reason he had to miss that one workout had nothing to do with his health: he was forced to visit his then-stepfather Eddie Jackson by his mother Gloria at the time when he was supposed to be at the gym.

Still, about LeBron's mental toughness, Joyce added that any swear word or blasphemy uttered during training would be punished by ten push-ups.

  1. Jason Kidd as a protege 

Throughout his career, LeBron has worn a variety of roles. From national savior to a traitor to the prodigal son. Few people remember the first LeBron when he was a cocky (and occasionally arrogant) teenager fresh out of high school.

During the Athens 2004 Olympics and the 2006 World Cup, Team USA architect Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski expressed their displeasure with some of his disrespectful behaviors (directed at them and some teammates). Initially, a decision was made to keep the boy out of Team USA's Olympic selection process for the 2008 Games to keep him energized and attentive in future competitions. Jason Kidd, a long-serving member of the American national team, came into play as the deus ex machina at that point.

In agreement with Colangelo and Coach K, he decided to personally supervise LeBron's behavior during the 2007 FIBA Americas League. The end result was incredible. During that summer, the iconic LeBron James, the athlete we know today was born. That's why it's not surprising to see him on the coaching staff of the Los Angeles Lakers these days.

  1. Pit Himself Against The System

Despite the effectiveness of the "One and Done Rule" (which obligated any athlete to graduate first in order to justifiably proclaim themselves to the NBA Draft), the St. Vincent - St. Mary High School attempted to declare himself eligible for the 2002 NBA Draft at the end of his junior year, hoping that the system would crumble under the weight of media pressure (when he had been famous already). Sadly, the King was unable to bend his "subjects" to his will on that particular occasion.

The sporting results of that season explain why LeBron took such a big step forward by leading his high school to the Division II championship final, only to lose. Despite this, he was titled " Gatorade National Player of the Year" at the end of the competition, allowing him to establish himself as the best basketball player in American high schools.

That's about ten anecdotes about our exemplary LeBron James. We hope that you find our article helpful. Thanks for visiting our site and stay alert for the most interesting information about the NBA! 

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